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A series gets an Average Tomatometer when at least 50 percent of its seasons have a score.

Janette places some complete crawfish, their ugly heads looking like space aliens, atop the grits and says, “Whew! * One of the things I’d like to see Treme improve in a second season is meatier work for Wendell Pierce. The morning of the storm, they asked David to get the meat out of the freezer and donate it to a shelter; they never saw him again, and the meat spoiled. 18h-1846. “In New Orleans, when you shoot someone they let you out after 60 days,” the kid protests. They don’t want no more poor people coming back to New Orleans!

Albert walks into City Hall just as another chief and his pals walks out, grumbling. The second line became a community of people in the street again. From the beginning of the series, David Simon and company talked about how they wanted to make a show that dramatized the importance of culture in the life of an American city, a goal that might have sounded either highfalutin or impossible. Creighton, Toni, and Ladonna “Colicchio said you can cook,” a waitress tells her, and Janette makes her break down the entire conversation. “We can’t out–New York a bunch of New York chefs,” Janette says. What Treme has shown us, over the season, is that by making a choice, and re-making it every day, they keep that city constituted. The show is thus far making a case for both, and a number of characters – Albert and Desmond among them – bid for our hearts in this episode. Life after Hurricane Katrina as the residents of New Orleans try to rebuild their lives, their homes, and their unique culture in the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters in the USA. The guy was there four hours trying to make sense out of the city canceling the permit for a second line just days before it’s due to happen. Don't have an account?

Davis’s pride evaporates, though, when Kermit talks about how bad they both were when they started out. And in the season’s finest, most transcendent moments—like the closing second-line and some others in this finale—they actually pulled it off: they actually, through the relatively ordinary stories of characters we’d come to know, showed that culture was not just something a city like New Orleans creates as a tourist-business proposition but a sustaining part of everyday life.

Albert waylays him to ask about Calliope and Singleton gives him a half-assed non-answer, so Albert stops him from walking away with a firm hand to the chest. Later that night, out at Desiree’s apartment complex, Antoine apologizes and plays a solo for Superfan, who listens, delighted, and then immediately I.D.’s the song. Davis’s neighbors pulled him unconscious off the street and put him to bed in their tastefully appointed living room. But New Orleans without poor people ain’t New Orleans! But it has to be said: They took on a tremendous challenge, creating an hourlong drama about life and survival, in a series that eschewed the automatic-conflict generators of genres like cop and medical shows—and did it while placing the main driving event, Katrina, deliberately offstage.

The next day, Albert asks Davina to drive him cross town to catch Singleton.

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