anya kubrick

Anya: People think he never left his bedroom. He wasn’t feeling ill, just very tired. So that was great. On his last film, Eyes Wide Shut (1999), his contract for both his stars and bit-part actors alike stated that there was no time limit for their work on the film. What’s the next thing coming through?

Also, his parents lived in New Jersey where every window has a bug screen. Christiane: He enjoyed that – pretending to be living in 1930. Word got round, and within half an hour the police were having to put up cordons and people kept ruining the shot by shouting, “Tom, I love you.”. He would work an ordinary day and then he could add the Californian office hours, so California had the impression he never slept. He didn’t speak to journalists but he spoke to everyone else. We didn’t help by saying, “You ought to read this. “There’s a world of difference between the two. You take anyone doing anything out of context, and it sounds peculiar. So he arrives in England and says, ‘‘Aren’t there any screens on the windows?” The next thing you hear is he sprays his garden with a helicopter.

He was a big gadget fan. Anya: Not only is it more painful for us now, because he’s not here to say “Don’t worry about it”, but he was starting to worry about it, and minding the maliciousness and inaccuracy. Data Engineer, currently in training at Kubrick. It’s the press cuttings – everyone who’s given a piece to write goes there and repeats the last thing written, like the eternally really stupid photo of Stanley sucking on a cigar.

He was very unhappy,” recalled Kubrick’s wife and Vivian’s mother.

After a while it became obvious you could say just about anything, and he wasn’t going to retaliate. Anya Kubrick told journalist Nick James that her father was always a genuine presence in the lives of his daughters. He was not sneaky; he was direct. He rarely gave interviews, so he was a bit of an enigma. The point was to get things right. Those who didn’t come, he could phone. Recluse is a word that gets thrown at him in practically every article, and as far as I can work out, ‘recluse’ must be defined as someone who doesn’t talk to journalists. It takes strength to do that. Get our December 2019 issue, revisiting Eyes Wide Shut and talking to Kubrick’s family and colleagues 20 years later. Katharina: No. Christiane is a painter, as is Katharina (examples of both their work are used as decoration in Eyes Wide Shut), who is married to film location manager Philip Hobbs and has three sons. Christiane: “From what?”, he asked.

Christiane: It’s extremely difficult for us to get rid of it for the same reason that wives can’t be witnesses: they’re considered to be prejudiced. Let’s recount some of the things said about Stanley Kubrick – that he never took vacations! We never spam. It was quite nauseating. What were his views about death?

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