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john paschall hearne texas

And it's the State Government's lack of interest that perpetuate's unlawful activity by law enforcement. A movie based on the bust and Kelly’s experiences will be shown in Hearne tonight. Worse by far, Judge Roe approved a $3,500.00 payment of attorney fees to Mr. Russ from the $86k that I had already managed to recover from Paschall. ACLU attorneys are also seeking damages on behalf of the clients for emotional distress, loss of earning capacity and permanent damage to their reputations. Herald called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for advice. ", "plenty of biting commentary and credible research", I respect the work Scott does and appreciate his thoughtful and extensive coverage of Texas’s criminal justice system, Governor hopes pro-police push will distract from COVID failures, Top 3 most influential independent law blogs, 'We need rational approach to incarceration', The fallacy of prohibition: Gambling edition. Others were able to show through time cards and witnesses that they were at work during the time they were accused of participating in drug deals. In your reply you state that Mr. John C. Paschall was the County Attorney and therefore his statements would be filed on a local level and not with the Texas Ethics Commission. "The ACLU is calling for an end to racial profiling in drug arrests, both in Texas and throughout the nation.". Here’s the good news: Paschall’s sweet plea deal could really backfire on him. Totally disgusting that it continues to live on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Texas is creepy. District attorneys and prosecutors are the logical targets. I’ve long suspected the tickets and gifts were only the tip of the iceberg, and Mr. Siegert said he welcomed the FBI’s involvement, as his staff did not have the expertise to make sense of the thousands of pages of financial records obtained from the city. If you oppose the plea deal, you can send an email to Attorney General Ken Paxton by clicking here. That’s a shame he should get the 30 years in prison.. Hes a thieving worthless excuse for a da.. Whatever jugde it was that gave him days 30 should not be a judge no longer.. What does it take to get an objective, thorough investigation of this DA? Any final reports or reports of unexpended funds, /S/ Rev. You may recall that Judge Smith arbitrarily dismissed the civil RICO case that I brought against some of the Booger County racketeers in 2009. Nothing has changed! Of the investigator, whom he refused to name, Herald said, “In the 22 months I’ve been in Hearne, I’ve never seen him wear a uniform. On Wednesday, Clevenger called Paschall's indictment "a relief.". Learn more. At that time, The Eagle reported that the Texas Rangers, the Texas Attorney General's Office and the State Bar of Texas was investigating Paschall for misappropriation of funds. Regina Kelly v. John Paschall, was filed on behalf of 15 African-American residents of Hearne who were indicted in November 2000 on drug charges after being rounded up in a series of unlawful paramilitary drug "sweeps." That lone case was tried in January of 2010, which means the DA’s office has not tried a felony case in 21 months. ", GFB is "an indispensable handle if you're interested in criminal justice in Texas. I’m the only person outside of law enforcement or the state bar who has seen the evidence against Paschall, and by court order I cannot release that evidence, but I can tell you that the evidence of Paschall’s guilt is overwhelming. They run over citizens, intimidate women, take easements without asking, and as much as they can to terrorize the people of the town. Enjoy more articles by logging in or creating a free account. What about all the people this man screwed over, including me?? The feds would then have enormous leverage to pressure Paschall’s testimony against others. JacksonReverend L.R. "These race-based sweeps and unwarranted detentions of innocent citizens violated the Constitution's protections against discrimination on the basis of race, unreasonable searches and seizures, and the deprivation of liberty without the due process of law," the ACLU complaint charged. Personal Financial Statements2.

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