liz white weight loss

Too much of a good thing is, in fact, bad. We are in a very exciting time, where the collective is rising.

You know that to be a Successful Coach you need to know exactly how to magnetically attract and sign on new soulmate clients while making it as easy as possible for everyone. So for the benefit of those who can’t remember, I have written a few facts down just to remind you WHY it is so important.

I had the hardest time saying no to food! On a scale from 1-4. Training for your first half marathon? Building muscle isn’t my struggle, it’s shedding fat. Okay so that’s enough background I think. (Side note: this is a good time to point out that even though a certain weight loss method works well for someone else, it may be a terrible approach for you. Turns out my BMR was 1650 calories, which meant I hadn’t been eating enough. Awesome! As I continue progressing, I may tweak my goal weight depending on how I feel.

The Magnetic Coach®Certification Trainings.

The bluetooth scale and corresponding app I used to track and measure my progress is called RENPHO and it’s linked here. Weight Loss Officianado - passionate about sustainable, healthy, easy weight loss! I’ve got to go now! Any and all live coaching calls for Magnetic Coach® will be posted in the facebook group calendar (and emailed weekly) for you to attend. You’ll be propelling yourself and your business forward with tools that make you stand out from today’s growing online space, while having support every step of the way as you create a life and business that you love and is exactly what you want. View my complete profile

Your words hold POWER. Stop journalling yourself into the same position you were yesterday. Go your own pace as your schedule allows. Posts tagged weight loss My Whole30 Experience (Plus a Weight Loss Update) While we were in North Carolina in September, I decided to do a Whole30. Online Certification is available. Since my last update 8 weeks ago, I’ve lost 3.4 pounds. Doubtful Coaches Run sessions: I’d start my week with the best of intentions, but by 4pm on Monday I’d set about that mental dance wherein I convinced myself I deserved that glass of wine because BOY was Kate a handful today.

It's where your interests connect you with your people. I’d heard about Whole30 from friends who’d done it before, so I was already familiar with the program. I know this about myself. I was frustrated by my weight loss progress and felt like I needed to set some (temporary) strict food boundaries because I kept moving the goal post. You can do this fully at your own pace or go through The Accelerator to keep on a 3-month completion schedule. I also did a lot of walking with Kate around our neighborhood + eased into some classes on my Peloton for cardio.

99.996% of the decisions and actions you take are done subconsciously.

It's time for you to learn how to help yourself, and your clients, confidently get better results in a fraction of the time. In as little as one session, connect with the subconscious mind and establish new beliefs, habits, and thoughts without having to embark on a dreaded ‘30 days to change xyz.’. I’ll sum up my major Whole30 takeaways below. Darebee's no-equipment Ab Exercises Chart with graded level of difficulty. In a little less than 4 weeks, my body fat percentage has dropped half a percent.

“Journey”… HA.

If you are a new coach, or are wanting to bring coaching into your business in a new way, hold onto your seat! Learn how to task your subconscious mind do a lot of the heavy lifting…. The first 20 pounds come off FAST. Get your certification, test, coaching, client, and business questions answered during the live Q+A calls. I’ve made steady progress! #babysteps, Without further ado, below are my starting numbers….

But with this passion for food comes great responsibility. Weight Loss Officianado - passionate about sustainable, healthy, easy weight loss! After my initial disappointment, I took some time for reflection and sorted myself out. On the food sensitivity front, I did learn something! This is what you'll learn, the programming language of your mind that makes this transformation possible, now. Stop negative spirals in its tracks, so you can reverse and remove the effects and restore beneficial energy flow. Whole30 helped me break that cycle. I (quickly) recognized I was being way too hard on myself and have already course corrected. Sigh.

Think of The Accelerator as a bonus within Magnetic Coach®. And at only £5.95 it’s got to be a really wise investment!

Dr Elizabeth White Lymm,, Cheshire & Manchester, United Kingdom Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychologist, NLP Master Practitioner, committed to researching and applying easy, healthy, sustainable weight loss for everyone.

Not every meal is worth the splurge. Both good and bad. (1) Complete the online pre-study foundation trainings To have the success I want, I always take action to learn what I need in order to be the best I possibly can for my self, my business, and my clients... do you feel that same way? So much yes. As coaches, teachers, and leaders, it is our responsibility to do the work that is required of us so that we can come to our clients without projections or attachments and help them see beyond their limits. Posted by Dr Elizabeth White at 09:23 No comments: Labels: diet, instant fat loss, weight loss. Did you know that coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry?

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