maze ransomware

We are looking for NDA marked information and everything that can be used as a base for the lawsuit agains our client. The malware tries to delete the shadow volumes in the system using the “wmic.exe” program with the switches “shadowcopy” and “delete”. After gaining permission, which is granted only for 1 byte, the malware patches this byte with a 0xC3 value (the opcode of “ret”) and restores the previous permissions with “VirtualProtect”, again in the same address and byte, removing the write permission. The differences that these samples have are: FIGURE 33. He reverses the new threads in advanced attacks and make research of them in a daily basis. FIGURE 31. And as a website operated by the criminals behind the Maze attacks claims, if the ransom is not paid, they will: Yes, it is. If the language matches any of those in the list below, the malware will clean the memory and exit the main thread without wasting any resources or making any files.
Prior to this, the malware gets the function of “WoW64DisableWow64FsRedirection” with “GetProcAddress” and uses it to avoid redirection by default in 64-bit operating systems and calls it in a dynamic way. Hacking with AWS: incorporating leaky buckets into your OSINT workflow, malspam campaigns utilizing weaponized attachments, mostly Word and Excel files. Another ploy utilized by the malware (depending of the sample) is to get the function “DbgUIRemoteBreakin”, using the function “GetProcAddress”, before employing a trick to avoid having a debugger attach to it in runtime[7]. Perhaps it is a means of mocking the administrator of a site that frequently reports on ransomware?

It can also be used to avoid vaccines that are made before the malware creates the mutex name in the machine. FIGURE 11. –nomutex -> This switch prevents checking the mutex so that it can run more than one instance on the same machine. It is curious that they said “I” instead of “we” twice in their answer. The checks are done in an obfuscated way within the jumble of the code that the malware has (in the virtual machine used here the Spanish language of Spain (es-ES) was used; it is the code 0xC0A that appears in the stack in the screenshot): FIGURE 15. However, before encrypting the data, these operators are known to exfiltrate the files they come across. The malware is hard programmed with some tricks to prevent reversing of it and to make static analysis more difficult. visio.exe -> 0x49780539 the Italian Revenue Agency. Maze ransomware has also utilized exploits against Pulse VPN, as well as the Windows VBScript Engine Remote Code Execution Vulnerability to get into a network. Create a file mapping with the functions “CreateFileMappingW” and “MapViewOfFile”. It appears that Maze ransomware gang is not only capable of writing sophisticated malware. This report focuses on the EXE file. Skip to content ↓ | An example ransom note, with some data anonymized, is shown below: The procedure to crypt the files is easy, with the malware taking the following steps: The list of folders that the malware avoids are: The malware ignores these file extensions: The malware also has a list of filenames that will not be crypted: However, it does crypt the file “ntuser.ini” to prevent other ransomwares from crypting it.

0x05 -> ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED. An extra way to create leverage against victims of ransomware has been introduced by the developers of the Maze ransomware. Allied Universal saw 700MB of stolen data being dumped after they refused to meet the ransom demand set by Maze. Yes, restoring your data from a secure backup can get you back up and running again (if the backup hasn’t itself been compromised, of course), but it doesn’t undo the fact that criminals now have a copy of your company’s data. Malicious actors have been actively deploying MAZE ransomware since at least May 2019. This is useful for the malware developers to attack a special path instead of losing time going after a full machine and it makes the attack more targeted. Apply the latest Microsoft update packages and keep your Operating system and antivirus fully updated. python.exe -> 0x55ee0597 Instead of deleting the “Shadow Volumes” the developers instead use WMIC with the special trick of the path as mentioned earlier, using WMIC classes to control the Shadow Volumes. In this case the malware will crypt all files in all folders starting from this path unless they are blacklisted names, extensions or folder names. Reserve 264 bytes of memory with the function “VirtualAlloc”. The malware, after creating the mutex, makes calls to the function “GetLastError” to check against two errors: If either of the above occur, the malware remains in execution but does not crypt any files in the system or use any resources of the machine. TERMINATEPROCESS FUNCTION TAKEN FROM THE EXPORT ADDRESS TABLE (EAT) OF KERNEL32 AND PASSING THE HASH NAME CHECK. Is it because they are reversing malware themselves for fun or could it be their day job? By using the malware as a DLL, they can inject this module into a target process more easily than if they use an EXE sample of the malware.

The main goal of the ransomware is to crypt all files that it can in an infected system and then demand a ransom to recover the files. Why are they mentioning regular malware analysis?

Maze has a chat function to contact the operators and receive information about how to obtain the cryptocurrency required to make payment. Malwarebytes119 Willoughby Road, Crows NestNSW 2065, Australia. Usually comes as a DLL instead of an EXE file. mysqld-nt.exe -> 0x79ec0661 This can include exploitation of known vulnerabilities that have not been patched, remote desktop connections with weak passwords, malicious email attachments and/or links. …isn’t enough. Along with blocking RDP port, we also suggest blocking SMB port 445. Whether it is residual code existing in the entry point of the malware or a trick to mislead researchers is up for debate. FIGURE 9. November 1, 2019 - When it comes to cybersecurity, journalists need to protect themselves, their sources, and the freedom of the press. After this, it creates the ransom note prepared for this infected machine in the root folder and then starts looking for folders and files to crypt. Write this new block with the key and iv to decrypt at the end of the file. Which methods should they use? This short list shows the name of the process to kill and the custom hash from the special name generated from the original process name. FIGURE 35. From a memory dump we can extract the IPs used by these connections, as well as a curious string that talks about Lawrence Abrams, the admin of the web site “bleepingcomputer” who was contacted directly by the developers. 0xb7 -> ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS. You should still be encrypting your sensitive data wherever possible. Alexandre Mundo, Senior Malware Analyst is part of Mcafee's Advanced Threat Research team. Crypt the file with the ChaCha algorithm and the key and iv with the RSA public key generated in runtime.


Get the file size with the function “GetFileSizeEx” (it is important for managing big files, “GetFileSize” is not good for bigger files).


On the 29th of October a campaign distributing the Maze malware to Italian users was detected.

Maze is a ransomware created by skilled developers. You should still be using hard-to-crack, unique passwords to protect sensitive data and accounts as well as enabling multi-factor authentication. The malware uses this agent to make the connection, but it can change between samples: FIGURE 25. Skip to navigation ↓, Home » News » Maze Ransomware – What You Need to Know. An example of this use can be seen in the next image. MAZE PAYMENT WEBPAGE AFTER DECRYPTING THE RANSOM NOTE. McAfee protects its customers against the threats that we talk about in this report in all its products, including personal antivirus, endpoint and gateway. September 13, 2019 - When penetration testing for an organization, what OSINT tactics can researchers employ? Bear in mind that the more companies that pay a ransom, the more the criminals are likely to launch similar attacks in the future.

FIGURE 14. Malwarebytes protects users with a combination of different layers including one that stops the attack very early on and is completely signature-less. June 3, 2019 - There's been some huge leaks and breaches over the last few days, impacting everything from regular logins to important financial documents.

Generate a new random extension for the victim file. This is done to avoid having a debugger attach to it in runtime. So, perhaps it was written by one person for trolling purposes, or perhaps the developer of the malware really is only one person (or they want researchers to think that is the case). FIGURE 26. If the malware gets this error, it means that the mutex already exists in the system but, for some reason, the malware cannot access it (perhaps privileges, policies, etcetera). [sic], Yes, on their website they list their “new clients” (their term for recent corporate victims who have failed to pay up and who might be trying to keep news of their security breach out of the press.

What role does data destruction play in cybersecurity?

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